Little Digger


Little Digger

This is the farmer digging up a water line. One water line broke in the barn. So we rented this mini excavator and fixed it.

Water, water, we need rain water!

Water, water, and a lot of work. We haven’t seen rain in sometime that our corn looks much like pineapple in the field. Yesterday was 101 degrees that’s not including the humidity. Today is going to be 103 + humidity. We have been spending late nights out in the fields moving irrigation pipes and setting up spray guns. We have hung sprinklers in the barn rafters for the cows. It’s so hot the cows pant with their tongues hanging out. We are still praying for rain!






The “Redesigned” Fulton Street Farmer’s Market

The “redesigned” Fulton Street Farmer’s Market is now celebrating two things. First is the new roof on the market. The second celebration is the market has been established for 90 years. I am very proud to be part of this establishment. Here are a few pictures of the market. It’s still a work in progress, so there are some issues that are being worked out. However, Yeah, No tarps to put up!





What’s wrong with the first picture? Birds might be a problem. The market is beautiful!

Building a Duck Barn

The weather has been perfect for this job. My husband, our hired hand and I have been working on building a place to put my ducks. I really think the my hubby wants his barn back, so he decided to put a lean-to on the back side for my ducks and I. Our hired hand got to earn his PHD. Which stands for Post Hole Digger! I dug a couple of holes too! We put the first rafter boards up and squared both ends. Strung lines to follow and the rest of the poles went in pretty smoothly. We then started to lay boards across the rafter boards. We aren’t finished yet but this is what we have accomplished thus far. I really hate to tell my hubby that he will still have to deal with the chickens that live and roost where every they please. (which is over top of his tractor). I will post more pictures as the barn progresses.