Knit Wit

This is one of my many projects I have in the works for someone else. It’s a cotton ski hat. Yes, black cotton! When I’m at the farmer’s market I knit or crochet and receive different request from individuals for particular items! Like a black cotton ski hat! I should start asking, why?

An old idea. a new year!

I have played around with the idea of offering herd shares for Fresh Unprocessed Whole Milk a.k.a. Raw Milk or as I like to call it FUWM. It’s very scary to step into the unknown and ask others to support you as a farmer. As it now stands our income comes from a co-op. They market our milk for us. We are at the mercy of the commodity market. What someone pays in the stores for a gallon of milk is not what the farmer gets paid. Shocking I know, but true. It’s time for a change!