Insurance Quest 2

I have now sat down with two insurance agents. The first one was a local guy, and I liked him. He visited with us and we explained what we are doing and what we needed from him. I try to make it as simple as possible. I have done a lot of the leg work. He told us we would have to look into it and that was around two weeks ago. No call or contact yet!
The next guy that sat down with us yesterday, I was impressed with. First, I received a postcard in the mail and thought can’t hurt to call. They at least understand we are a farm. I called and left a message he wasn’t available at the time. The same day he called back. The conversation went something like this; Me: Woodbridge Dairy Farm, how may I help you? Him: Who? Me: Woodbridge Dairy Farm (slowly) Him: Oh is Karin there! Me: This is. (irritated, thinking another salesman) Him: This is (name and company) you called. Me: I’m looking for insurance for raw milk and our farm. (long pause) Him: I will have to check on that.
There was more to this conversation and I was brutally honest to the point of not being nice, but you get the idea. He did call back again the next day with answers and he found an underwriter that was willing to do exactly what we needed? Oh and he came out the same day to fill out paper work and introduce himself. He is what I call a go getter. It was nice to see that drive in someone.
I think he actually was okay with my honesty at least he knows where he stands.
My thought is that I will have an insurance quote in a few days.

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