Fresh unprocessed whole milk (FUWM) Herd Lease

I’m in the process of setting up a herd lease agreement, for those looking for real milk.
Our lease will supply this: One share in the lease will be approximately two gallons of milk a week. We will supply the bottles, you will rinse and return the bottles, we will wash and refill the bottles.

There will be two pick up places: first pick up option will be directly from the farm, second option will be at the Fulton Street Farmer’s Market. At the time of pick up you will need a valid ID. There will be a list with your name and picture. If you are not on this list there will be no milk given.

Our pricing per share is $5.00 per month for the lease in the herd and $55.00 per month for boarding. This is $60.00 per month for the total share. We will bill quarterly $180 per 3 months.
Half shares and quarter shares are also available. Quarter share cost $20 per month.

We will be the only individuals allowed to have access to the bulk tank. This is for sanitary reasons. We work hard to produce the best possible product for you and it only takes one mistake to damage it. That could be as simple as someone not washing their hands. This is why we are using half gallon glass bottles and why we are cleaning them in a special bottle washer. We only ask that you rinse them out using cold water first to prevent milk stone.

We are at this point taking information from anyone interested in leasing. We need enough people interested before we can begin. Please contact us if you are interested or have questions.

3 thoughts on “Fresh unprocessed whole milk (FUWM) Herd Lease

  1. Is your milk organic? Are the cows fed any antibiotics or hormones? Also does the hay, corn or grass they are fed contain any fertilizers?

    • No we are not certified organic. No the cows are not fed any antibiotics or hormones. Our feed is grown by us and we haven’t used any chemicals since 2004 on our land. We do buy somethings that we can’t grow, like minerals. I can’t verify that they are perfect, but we go out of our way to make sure our animals and land are health and happy. So the cows and the pigs are out on pasture. The chickens and ducks run-a-muck. The best way to verify how we farm is to come and visit. I would rather have a consumer see it and approve, then pay a certifier to approve our way of farming. Hope that was helpful. 🙂

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