The “Redesigned” Fulton Street Farmer’s Market

The “redesigned” Fulton Street Farmer’s Market is now celebrating two things. First is the new roof on the market. The second celebration is the market has been established for 90 years. I am very proud to be part of this establishment. Here are a few pictures of the market. It’s still a work in progress, so there are some issues that are being worked out. However, Yeah, No tarps to put up!





What’s wrong with the first picture? Birds might be a problem. The market is beautiful!

First day of the winter farmer’s market




This was the first day of the winter farmer’s market. Today was a beautiful day, sunny and 40. This is not the normal weather for Michigan in January (not complaining). Fulton Street Farmer’s Market is under construction and not in it’s usual location. We are in the parking lot of the Salvation Army on the southeast corner of Fulton and Fuller. The Salvation Army was kind enough to let us vendors use their lot and for that I’m grateful. My thanks goes out to them. Winter market is every Saturday from 10am to 1pm until April 28, 2012. I’m sure the weather will change so for your convenience you may call or email in orders for quick pickup. That way you are in and out if the weather is bad. Thank you for supporting your local Farmer’s wife! 🙂